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Feedback on Foran Insurance LLQP

Re: Foran LLQP Workshop
Instructor: Doug Planche, Toronto

I would never have understood the material required had I not taken this course. As a first-timer, just entering into this industry, he (Doug) has helped a great deal.

Heather Frost

Re: Foran LLQP Workshop
Instructor: Doug Planche, Toronto

Good Job! You certainly live up to your motto of helping professionals to pass exams!

Miguel Remedios
State Farm Insurance

Re: Foran LLQP Workshop
Instructor: Doug Planche, Toronto

I liked how we managed to take two textbooks full of material and break it down it manageable pieces.

Ted Grant
CIBC Wood Gundy

Re: Foran LLQP Workshop
Instructor: Doug Planche, Toronto

Doug was not only enlightening, but entertaining. He was able to simplify things in layman's terms to ensure you understood the material.

Velvet Alcorn
The Cooperators

Re: Foran LLQP Workshop
Instructor: Doug Planche

For a seminar series on a topic such as life insurance, Doug did an incredible job at captivating his audience. He made it very interesting and easier to comprehend while adding some humour to the topics.

Yvonne de Young

Re: Foran LLQP Workshop
Instructor: Doug Planche

It separated the wheat from the chaf - got rid of a lot of unnecessary information.

Gary Marks
Freedom 55 Financial

Re: Foran LLQP Workshop
Instructor: Doug Planche

Doug was excellent!!! He was very knowledgeable and well organized. He was entertaining and kept the class interesting!! Doug simplified the course and was very helpful!

Trina Hall
State Farm

Re: Foran LLQP Workshop
Instructor: Doug Planche

Doug is one of the best instructors I have had the privilege of participating with. He knows his stuff. He is funny, knowledgeable, and helpful. Finally an insurance course that is not boring!!!

Kathi Melo
Direct Marketing Centre

Re: Foran LLQP Workshop
Instructor: Doug Planche

The program gave me a very thorough understanding of the field of insurance. More than just a fact-drop, application of the prinprinciples gave real world knowledge.

Mike Vanberkel
CIBC Wood Gundy

Re: Foran LLQP Workshop
Instructor: Doug Planche

Doug really was part of making the program enjoyable. His attitude and manner made us listen, understand and enjoy the material. The program really allows you to focus on the key areas to understand.

Kimberley Shapiro
State Farm Insurance

Re: Foran LLQP Workshop
Instructor: Doug Planche

It was the only way I could pass the exam. Very effective use of time and money. I highly recommend it to anybody wanting to enter the industry.

Bob Cawston

More Student Feedback
Excellent! Well worth the money and very effective use of time! The instructor explains concepts simply and in a manner that’s easy to remember. Very concise, helps organize studying.

Sharon Mosher, MD Management
October 2015

Great content and well organized to distill the key points. Quizzes and cases were excellent to provide coverage of most situations. Instructor was very knowledgeable and experienced with content. Good delivery with a touch of humor to break the sometimes mundane data. Great job!!

Albert Ramsay
October 2015

Excellent seminar. Course material was very clear and sufficiently detailed without being overwhelming. Doug knows his stuff, not only with respect to the insurance industry and products, but offers great advice on preparing and writing the exams.

David Small, Coughlin And Associates
October 2015

Having already passed my certification exam with CSI, I wanted some additional insight into what/how to study for the final LLQP exam. This course and the instructor gave me the confidence I needed to go for the provincial exam. Great examples and well spoken instructor. He is clearly very knowledgeable in the industry and not just book smart.

Kelly Fagundes, Manulife Securities
September 2015

Doug was great. He took the time to answer all questions, articulated the more complex answers as simply as possible and made everyone feel comfortable. He was quite humorous as well. I met some great folks in the industry and I definitely feel more prepared for the exams.

Brad Wilson, Regional Director RBC Insurance
August 2015

The training gave me everything I needed to be prepared for both my qualification exam and the provincial exam. Doug was excellent in communicating the items that were tested and that allowed me to be able to focus on those particular areas to increase my understanding. I initially tried the self-study method for completing my LLQP but quickly found it was tough to stay focused and on task. Attending the class was the best thing I could have done as it allowed me to verbalize my thoughts in a classroom setting and receive instant feedback as to my comprehension of the current topic.
I am happy to let you know that I passed my qualification exam the Monday following the seminar and went on to write the Provincial exam 2 weeks later and increased my score.
Thank you Doug!!!!

Jeremy Love, Dealer Development Manager, LGM Financial Services Inc.
March 2015

Doug has a way of simplifying confusing concepts and making them easy to understand. The class was organized, with tons of knowledge testing content, case studies and materials, with a focus on the content that is heavily tested.

Connor Novak
February 2015

Fantastic trainer, best I’ve seen in this industry in my 25 years. Great tips and tools; diagrams and explanations were excellent.

Todd Campbell, Regional Director, LaCapitale Financial Security
February 2015

I wrote and passed my Provincial exam on January 8th. The LLQP Seminar was great; classes have been well organized by a skilled instructor; the materials are summary simple but detail; it gave me an overall review of entire text book and assisted me to achieving my exam. Definitely I will come back for my continuing education and it’s my pleasure to recommend Foran Financial to my co-workers and friends.

Wendy Chen, Medical Claims Analyst, Cowan Insurance Group
December 2014

Very helpful and positive - great experience. Crucial. Made a lot of things clear. This seminar should be a requirement prior to taking the LLQP exam.

Chibueze Okparanta, Cooperators
November 2014

Thorough, intense, informative.

Mehjabeen Peermohamed, November 2014

Very helpful to prepare for certification and real-life advice. Doug was entertaining and knowledgable.

Elizabeth Humphreys, Vancouver
October 2014

Delivery of clear and concise information made this seminar useful and Doug was able to keep it simple. Wonderful

Julie Corrigan, March 2014

Doug was great. Fun, friendly, kept it interesting with many real life examples. And patient. Very helpful in narrowing down content ... presented in plain English.

Jen Rood, Rigional Director, Manulife Securities, March 2014

Made the material comprehensive. Very informative. (I'm) much more confident in my ability to pass the provincial exam.

Samantha Forbes, March 2014

Doug is an excellent instructor, ensuring everyone really understands a question before moving on. I feel extremely prepared to face the LLQP exams. although I fully read the (course content) prior to attending, I have learned so much more and understand 'Why' instead of just memorizing information.

Maralyn Jackson, Branch Manager, March 2014

Excellent! Excellent! Professional and very knowledgeable. Great pace.

John Cucciella, SVP, Dundee Securities

Hi Doug,
Just wanted to send you an email to personally thank you for preparing me for my LLQP pre-qualifier and the Provincial. I have successfully completed both exams and I'm working with my licensing department now to have my Ontario License issued.
It was a pleasure to learn from you and Thank you again for clarifying the content for me. You were the little voice in my head while I was writing.

Judy Shoufani
Sales Consultant RBC Insurance, March 2013

Incredibly knowledgeable, time efficient, well mannered, entertaining, thoughtful. A pleasure to attend and easy to follow. Doug always offered clarification and a little extra help if needed.

Jacqueline Smollan
Crosswalk Insurance Solutions

Doug is amazing! Given the amount and level of the information and how long we were sitting in a classroom environment he kept me interested and engaged. Loved his tips and don’t know what I would have done without it (the seminar.) The seminar really made sense of all the information.

Carol Parsons
Cowan Financial Solutions

Incredible grasp of content, excellent communicator and humorous to boot.

Ian McCulloch

Great instruction. Pace was quick but Doug ensured we had time to understand the material and ask questions. Very patient. Great overview of the material, good pace.

Dave Thomas
Medavie Blue Cross