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Wauneen McMonagle, CMH

Principal of Innergize
Wauneen is a Certified Trainer of NLP, Humanistic Neuro-linguistic Psychology, Certified Master Hypnotherapist and Certified LAB Profile™ (language and behaviour) Trainer/Consultant.

Wauneen has been using neuro-linguistics, accelerated learning and systems thinking tools to train and coach business professionals since 1993. She conducts NLP Certification Programs and various workshops focusing on non-verbal and unconscious communication strategies for influencing and managing motivation.

Wauneen is also known for her Performance Breakthrough Coaching, a powerful process for accelerating individual performance, and a quick acting solution for burnout and other roadblocks limiting performance. The process is especially beneficial for people working in high stress environments, and juggling competing priorities.

Wauneen draws on more than 20 years experience managing sales teams and marketing consumer products to provide the real life examples, stories and practitcal tips that assist participants to transfer newly acquired skills back to their everyday envionment.

Wauneen McMonagle
Innergize Training Coaching Consulting
Phone: (416) 492-3200