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New Harmonized Life License Qualification Program (LLQP) 

Full LLQP seminar:

The program covers the four content modules required to complete the full LLQP program. The modules will run consecutively as shown below, beginning with Life insurance on the first day of the seminar.

  • Life Insurance  1.5 days                
  • Accident and Sickness 1.5 days       
  • Segregated Funds and Annuities 1 day   
  • Ethics and Professional Practice 1 day

NOTE: Please register with Advocis or with your chosen course provider before registering for this seminar. Your course provider will give you the course content as well as  administer the four (4) Qualifying exams. The program requires you to write one qualifying exam for each of 4 content modules followed by a provincial exam for each. You are required to pass all of the Qualifying exams before you are eligible to challenge the Provincial exams.

Toronto Dates

June 13-17
September 10-14
October 22-26
December 3-7

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Our policies have changed. Please review before completing your registration:


Vancouver Dates


Total Hours of Instruction: 40 hours
Investment: $1100 +HST

Advocis/Foran LLQP students receive a 10% discount. Advocis Student number is required.
Continuing Education Credits: 40

Note on Foran Continuing Education (CE) Credits: Foran Financial Institute issues CE Credits for all of its licensing seminars. However, it is at the discretion of your compliance department whether Foran CE Credits fill CE Credit requirements.

Foran Financial Institute is an independent supplier of educational services. Its exam preparation courses are not sponsored by the Investment Funds Institute of Canada, the Institute of Canadian Bankers, or any other industry organization.

Please call us to register: 416-947-1922 and 800-565- 0374

Frequently Asked Questions:

When did the harmonized LLQP program launch?

The New Harmonized LLQP launched on January 1, 2016.

What did the harmonized LLQP program do?

  • The harmonized program provides a common course curriculum for insurance licensing exams, creating a national standard across Canada.
  • The harmonized LLQP also makes it easier for life insurance agents to work in other Canadian provinces.

Can I register now for the full LLQP program?

  • Yes, call us at 416-947-1922 or 800-565-0374 and you'll have the option of registering for the full 5-day LLQP course or any of the 4 modules as noted below.

How does the program work?

The program requires you to write one qualifying exam for each of 4 content modules followed by a provincial exam for each. The content modules are:

  • Life Insurance
  • Accident and Sickness Insurance
  • Segregated Funds
  • Ethics and Professional Practice based on common law
  • And/Or Ethics and Professional Practice based on civil law for those working in Quebec

The exams are 75 minutes long, and the provincial exams are proctored and open book.


Instructor extremely knowledgeable. Workshop very informative, learned a lot and practical as well. Great summary of materials.

Jaclyn Gostick, Nicol Insurance
April 2018 with Gerry Ramos

Extremely knowledgeable. His use of examples and real events helped me understand the material.

Jaclyn Gostick
April 2018 with Sam Albanese 

Doug is very knowledgeable in this industry. I was very impressed with his knowledge and willingness to stay after (class) or on a break to answer questions and help. I am very glad I had a chance to participate in Doug’s class.

Ricky Vincentini, Sault Ste Marie
December 2017

I would rate Doug an 11 (out of 10) if I could. Very knowledgeable about the subjects but was able to explain this at a level I could follow so that eventually I could grasp it in full.
Workshop turned a mountain into a hill and even paved the road for you. Helped me a ton; I had passed three out of four qualifying exams already before leaving. The workbooks were extremely beneficial to review before the exams. Thanks Doug!

Dave Bryson, RBC Dominion Securities
October 2017

Doug really knows his stuff. The workshop is a great way to talk through the course content with other individuals with varying degrees of knowledge instead of trying to learn it on your own.

Jennifer Shaw, Benefits By Design
August 2017

Doug came highly recommended and did not disappoint. Doug Planche lived up to the billing. The workshop helped reinforce the material. Effective in the retention of the data in order to attain your license. I liked the team environment being able to bounce ideas and concerns off folks who are in the field going through it.

Jeffrey R. Welsh, Cooperators
August 2017

Doug was a great instructor. His on board examples were very helpful. Would definitely take it again! Hopefully I won’t have to.

Joe Auger, MDM Insurance Services
August 2017

Instructor was wonderful – answered all questions with ease and clarification. Makes sure you understand.

Sarah Finateri, Scotia Wealth
August 2017

Doug was an excellent instructor. He did a great job explaining difficult concepts. He related the material to real life occurrences. He was energetic, happy to receive our questions and was very personable.

A lot of material to cover, but the materials were well organized and tests were very helpful. The layout and format of the materials made rules and concepts easier to understand.

Gretchen Wojahn, MetLife Worldwide (Expat)
June 2017

A very detailed review of materials to amply prepare for Provincial exams. What did I like best about the program? The teacher Doug, and learning as a group.

Andrew Thompson, Canadian Sales Director, MetLife

I am just letting you know that I passed all four elements of the provincial LLQP exam handily. I found the provincial exams easier than the practice tests provided in the Foran program and the Advocis LLQP certification exams.

 I thank you for your sage advice and insights as I prepared for the exam, it was much appreciated.

R. Ross Wace
March 2016

Phenomenal. Very thorough. Extremely knowledgeable. Did an unbelievable job of breaking down the content.

Ryan Hogan, TD Insurance
April 2016

Doug is a wealth of knowledge and experience. Loved his real world stories related to the various topics – helps me remember. It helped me to focus and get through the program quickly and easily.

Scott Simmons, TD Wealth
April 2016