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Foran Derivatives Fundamentals Exam Preparation Seminar

Foran Course Code: FDFC

This three-day seminar will appeal to those individuals in the securities industry who are working towards being registered to sell options and or futures. The Derivatives Fundamentals course is a mandatory prerequisite which has to be successfully completed prior to taking the Options Licensing and or Futures Licensing courses.

This seminar may also be of interest to corporate CFOs and investment managers who are interested in learning about using derivatives for hedging purposes.

Derivatives Course Content Covered:

This is an introductory course to derivatives providing an overview of derivatives, the underlying concepts and their characteristics. It includes derivatives terminology, derivatives strategies and tactics, futures contracts, exchange traded options and swaps; how investment funds and structured products use derivatives; the underlying risks for both the investor and the trading organization; documentation requirements and taxation issues.

Toronto Dates:

June 18-20
August 13-15
October 9-11
December 17-19

Lectures: 8:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.

Total Hours of Instruction: 24 hours

Tuition: $500 + HST

Register Online
Or call (416) 947-1922, for outside GTA call toll free at 1-800-565-0374.

Continuing Education Credits: 16
Note on Foran Continuing Education (CE) Credits: Foran Financial Institute issues CE Credits for all of its licensing seminars. However, it is at the discretion of your compliance department whether Foran CE Credits fill CE Credit requirements.

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Your   Instructor

Doug Planche CFP, F.L.M.I.
As Senior Vice President of Foran Financial Institute, Doug Doug instructs several seminars offered by Foran including the Life License Qualification (LLQP) support seminars, the mutual funds licensing support seminar, and a support seminar based on the Officers, Partners' and Directors course and Branch Managers' course, required for mutual funds registration. Prior to joining Foran Financial Institute, Mr. Planche worked in the insurance industry for 26 years and specialized in sales, management and training.

Very helpful. Instructor was very knowledgeable, good pace, clear spoken, helpful. Materials will be useful later on in studying as well.

Shelby Boyle, TD Canada Trust
February 2015

The instructor is knowledgeable and well organized. The seminar was thorough and I liked the simplicity of information and the way it was relayed. Lots of exercises and quizzes.

Anas Aouni, Desjardins Voyageurs Credit Union
February 2015

Covers all relevant material for the exam. (Instructor) extremely knowledgeable, material clearly explained.

Dahlia Holzscherer, Cornwall Wealth Management Group
October, 2014

Doug is great! Great pace, knowledge, examples and humor. A lot of the material is dry, he made it very interesting.

Tamara Bouchard, Cornwall Wealth Management Group
October 2014

Excellent! Very useful, organized final prep for the exam.

Dave Hounsell, Bloom Wealth and Legacy
October 2014

Well done - very informative and simplified. Doug helped to clarify the course. I feel much better prepared to write the exam now.

Wendy Thede, TD Trust
October 2014

Excellent! So helpful I feel much more equipped to handle the exam now. (Instructor) was very supportive - made sure everyone was on the same page before he would move on to the next topic. It gave me confidence to write the exam.

Kristen Schiedel, Mennonite Savings and Credit Union
July 2014

Very helpful. Doug was able to break the course down and explain it in a way that was easily understood. 

Courtney Elliot, TD Canada Trust,
July 2014

Great seminar, very helpful. I feel more confident and well prepared. Doug was great. His tips, tricks and examples make the information easy to understand. Wonderful!

Sarah Biderman
Equity Associates Inc
December 2013

Foran’s Mutual Fund Seminar is an excellent way to prepare for the exam. Doug was very knowledgeable as an instructor. He covered the CSI book (thoroughly) and simplified everything.

Cameron McLean
December 2013