Foran Wealth Management Essentials®(WME) Seminar

Is your deadline for passing the WME exams approaching?

This 5-day WME® seminar will assist those preparing for the CSI Wealth Management Essentials (WME) exams one and two, IIROC’s 30 month requirement.

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Special note:


To register in the CSI Wealth Management Essentials® course, phone 1-866-866-2601 or visit the CSI website

Foran Course Code: WME

This Foran WME® seminar will interest those who would like a better understanding of the CSI Wealth Management Essentials™ course materials and those preparing for exams one and two.

Why attend this Foran Seminar?
The purpose of this five day seminar is to help you obtain a better understanding of the Wealth Management Essentials® course materials. Along with your personal home study, this seminar will help you prepare to challenge both WME exams.

WME Content Covered:

This WME® five day seminar covers investment management essentials including: modern portfolio theory; investing in debt securities, equity securities and managed products (mutual funds, ETFs, hedge funds, etc); and portfolio monitoring and performance evaluation.

This seminar also focuses on financial planning essentials including: insurance planning; taxation planning; retirement planning; and estate planning. The seminar also covers key areas in wealth management including: wealth management today; ethics and wealth management; understanding the client; budget and savings/planning; family law; and financial math.

What to Expect:
The five-day session will include lectures on all key areas in the course. This seminar is provided by instructors with years of practical experience and teaching experience. Over the 5 day seminar the participant will be provided with a participant guide which includes over 400 presentation slides, along with quiz questions, a sample case study, and several handouts.

Toronto Dates:

Classes are held at WaterPark Place, 20 Bay Street Toronto

October 2-6, 2023
December 4-8, 2023
February 5-9, 2024
April 15-19, 2024
June 10-14, 2024

Note: Registrations will be taken through the website only – see the green Register Online button below.

The online registration process will take a pre-authorization on your credit card but no funds will be deducted until we confirm the class is going forward.

You will receive an auto response from the website saying your ‘order’ has been received and we will email your confirmation once the mandatory closure is lifted and we are back in the office.

If you were registered in a cancelled seminar, we’ll contact you about rescheduling your class once we are back in the office.

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Lectures: 8:30 am – 6:00 pm
Foran Financial Institute
20 Bay Street, 11th Floor
Toronto, ON M5J 2N8

Total Hours of Instruction: 40 hours
Tuition: $1200 + HST

Register Online

Note on Foran Continuing Education (CE) Credits: Foran Financial Institute issues CE Credits for all of its licensing seminars. However, it is at the discretion of your compliance department whether Foran CE Credits fill CE Credit requirements.

  • Great information, the binders and test quizzes. The experience and expertise is reassuring. WME October 2023

    Rob Gray Wood Gundy
  • Quiz workbook, memory aids, the way Ron taught the class was done very well. He is a book of knowledge and I really appreciate learning from him. WME October 2023

    Nicole Works National Bank Financial
  • Thank you!! This has been really great and I’m glad I took time to do this seminar. WME October 2023

    Bernard Cooper Edward Jones
  • There was a significant amount of additional study material provided as well as a ton of additional quiz material. Trainers took the time to focus on material that required additional deep dive. This was a focused $ outcome driven class and Ron and Gary gave as much time to the class as was asked of them to ensure you would leave the class Friday feeling confident in the material discussed. WME October 2023

    Austen Christie BMO Nesbitt Burns Calgary office
  • Ron was amazing. Thank you for giving me a great foundation! I feel less stressed, prepared and excited for my exam. I want to return to do PMT in the future. WME July 2023

    Auden O'Reilly Edward Jones
  • Great interaction and engagement that enhanced the understanding I had throughout the five days. WME July 2023

    Jaclyn Agueci CIBC
  • I will do every future course with Foran Financial. Ron is a fantastic instructor who explains all concepts clearly, concisely, and easy to remember. You will never forget any of Ron's famous memory-aide acronyms. Gary was great. Ron is the O. G. - never think otherwise, but Gary was a great instructor and it was nice to have a fresh face on day 5. November 2022

    Emily Winson Wise Riddell Financial Group
  • Thank you very much for holding this course with a small group. Truly grateful. Excellent teacher! What I liked best? All of it! The content was relevant to the course, and I liked the focus on the WME content and not getting into the weeds. November 2022

    B. Scott
  • Great as always. Best part: the step-by-step breakdown of concepts, calculations, doing problems and repetition. I will be back. Thank you. June 2022

    Kelly Fisk
  • Well worth the expense. (I'm) a lot more confident about passing the exams. June 2022

    Greg Kennedy
  • A lot of my 'why's' were answered, which cleared up the concepts. Best? Clarity on the calculations and concepts. June 2022

    Maritza Silva
  • Excellent, would recommend to my friends. Detail and concepts clear. December 2019

    Jajinder Arora Edward Jones
  • This seminar is so helpful for comprehension of the course material. Ron and Gary liven up dense data-based information and make it interesting, understandable and easy to remember. December 2019

    Victoria Lysnes Raymond James
  • Ron and Gary were an absolute treasure of information. The course gave me tons of perspective on the WME.  All the examples shared were relevant, practical and easy to understand and relate to the information. I highly recommend this seminar. December 2019

    Melanie Mascarenhas TD Wealth
  • Excellent as always. This was my 5th Foran Course and I cant believe how helpful they continue to be. All of the information is presented so clearly so it is easy to understand. So much information fit in 5 days. September 2019

    Julie Henderson Assante Capital Management
  • Great seminar. Put a lot of the material in understandable everyday language. September 2019

    Greg Pike
  • Wish it could be longer. Clarified lots of things that you wouldn't understand when reading the text book. Liked best? The  memory aids, and the way concepts were explained. Great class. Toronto May 2019

    Mimi Chow Wellington Altus
  • Very clear explanations and well organized notes. Toronto May 2019

    Loretta Kung
  • Excellent Instructors who made things much easier to understand. Clear materials, very well organized, interesting teachers. Thank you! Toronto May 2019

    Katia Harb BMO Nesbitt Burns
  • Very valuable seminar. Help students to understand the complex materials in a much easier way. Toronto May 2019

    Zhan Yolanda Yue
  • I work at Harbourfront Wealth Management Calgary Branch. I studied WME on my own and took  exam 1 twice. My marks were ranging between 50-56%, and I was told that exam 2 was even harder than the first.  I knew I was down to my last attempt with WME exam 1, so decided to invest in the WME course that Foran Financial offers. I booked my flight and headed to Toronto. Ron and Gerry were super hands on and super easy to understand, they equipped me with what I needed for the exam. On my 3rd attempt on WME exam 1 my mark was 75% and on my WME exam 2 my mark was 80%. I will be booking with Foran Financial for the IMT and PMT courses for the CIM designation. I highly recommend Foran Financial! To our success! November 2018

    Frederick Montilla, EPC Investment Advisor, Harbourfront Wealth Management
  • Great, I will be back in the future for a CFP seminar.  Thoroughly enjoyed the course, the instructors knowledge/expertise. November 2018

    Dan Keeping Assante
  • Amazing - helped with understanding and organizing of material. November 2018

    Raffaela Bilotta Butera CIBC
  • Great seminar. I have a more thorough understanding of the WME material and feel well prepared for the WME2 exam. Instructors are very knowledgeable and have very effective communication skills. Great learning environment. November 2018

    Steve Leighton
  • Very worth while use of time! I would recommend this course to those that need a distraction free environment to absorb the course content. Ron and Gerry breathe live to the text book materiel. Examples of questions and answers, visuals, Ron repeating points so we could write things out, being clear on what is important for exams. Thank you! November 2018

    Nicole Brookes Edward Jones
  • Seminar was in depth, thorough and precise. I enjoyed the way the teachers painted a picture, and the story telling of examples. November 2018

    Frederick Montilla Harbourfront Wealth
  • In an industry and time where professional expectations from our clients and industry regulators are quite demanding, I feel that the courses offered by Foran are invaluable. We have so little time to study and absorb the course material on our own. The classroom setting allows the student to devote their time to the course material. The WME seminar provided the material in a manner which allowed me to determine what information was relevant in achieving a successful result in the exam. Both Ron and Gerry provide valuable insights. I enjoyed the five days we spent in the classroom. Please extend my appreciation and thanks to Ron and Gerry for both myself and Kelly. November 2017

    Roger Quirion Quirion Financial Services
  • Ron and Gerry did an excellent job as a team providing realistic exam questions/scenarios. After visiting FORAN more than three times, I’ve passed every exam on the first attempt. Thanks again for all your help May 2017

    Stephen Smyrnios BMO Nesbitt Burns
  • Ron and Gerry were very informative, precise and broke down difficult to grasp concepts clearly and more efficiently. Thank you for clarifying so much. May 2017

    Joel Kitchen ScotiaMcLeod
  • Excellent. Gerry and Ron take the WME and dissect it, so that it is easier to prepare for the exam. May 2017

    Jose Flores Vancouver
  • Hi Ron, the WME course that I attended on Mar13-17 was fantastic. I’m happy to update that I have passed the exams and successfully completed the course. Thanks for all your help! April 2017

    Brendan Colafranceschi Investment Advisor, Mapledene Financial group
  • Hi Ron and Gerry, I wanted to let you know that I successfully completed both of the WME the last of January. Thank you very much for helping me achieve success! January 2017

    Susie Taylor Financial Advisor, Assante Capital Management Ltd.
  • Dear Ron and Gerry, thank you for sharing your knowledge and especially for dissecting and translating the wealth management course in practical and easy to learn portions. I have successfully passed both exams on the first attempt! All the best, January 2017

    Tania Garcia B.Soc.Sc Investment Associate, National Bank Financial
  • Very good seminar. Good instructors, very knowledgeable, answered all my questions helpfully and with real world examples. Learning the financial math here is much better than through the course text which can be confusing. Also the practice questions were very helpful. November 2016

    Mike Rosati
  • I was in the Foran class last week and I just wanted to give you an update on my exam progress. Even though I did very well on exam #1, I could not seem to crack the case study exam so my boss sent me to Foran. After last week I left feeling overwhelmed as it was a lot of information. I had booked exam #2 for Monday and was a little concerned I was not ready still but I could not cancel. I got my mark back today and I finally passed and I realized as I looked back it was mainly because my comprehension of taxation and the business structures and types of pension plans was much clearer due to how you explained it. My feedback for others would be the fact the second exam seems to focus on the very minor points of topics. But the extra knowledge you gave I think was the difference . I also had a better grasp of financial math. Thank you for your help. I can now breathe again knowing its finally done. November 2016

    Wendy Davenport Financial Planner
  • The seminar was informative and well worth it! The instructors were knowledgeable, on time, well prepared and great at helping everyone in the class understand the material. Ron is a fantastic teacher. Despite there being so much material, we got through a lot. September 2016

    Luke Anderson Luke Anderson National Bank Financial, Regina
  • Just got my WME scores and I passed both exams! I’m beyond happy and relieved! I’ve taken the CSC1, CSC2, CPH and WME with Foran before attempting any of the exams, and I have passed each exam on the first try! The classroom experience helps me a lot, especially when it comes to the math involved. Thank you Ron & Doug! March 2016

    Cindy Leblanc Iain A. Thomson and Associates Inc., Waterloo
  • These were excellent seminars! Both (CPH and WME) allowed me to properly prepare for the exams, and I am so Grateful for the instructors knowledge that was shared with us. Both instructors ran a great learning day. They were very informative and patient. Their learning tools proved very useful! The seminars took so much information and compressed it down to manageable amounts. Very efficient. July 2015

    Carla Dos Santos Point B Financial, Holliswealth
  • Just a quick note to let you know that I passed the case studies (Exam 2) of the WME also. Could not have done it without Foran. Passed both exams first time after attending the Foran class. November 2014

    Ruth Parsons TD Waterhouse, Halifax
  • I am writing to let you know that I have successfully completed both exams on my first try and have now passed the course! I really enjoyed the seminar and plan on attending other seminars in the future! Please extend my thanks to Doug and especially Ron who really understood the way I learn and made the math portion of the class seem much less intimidating! I found it very helpful the way that Ron used very clear and relevant examples to help illustrate what he was teaching, and looking at the material from a different perspective at times to make things simpler to understand. You create a very welcoming environment and I had no hesitation to ask any questions and I had many. Thanks again so much! I will be recommending you to everyone in the business! May 2014

    Michelle Cook Investment Associate, National Bank Financial, Ottawa