Innergize Breakthrough Coaching

The Innergize Breakthrough coaching process is for people who would like to harness more of the power of their own mind and enjoy more success and control in their life.

The process is about harnessing and extending more of your abilities. Aligning the power of your unconscious mind with the goals you value most. Whatever your focus – career,  balancing work:life demands, managing competing priorities or gaining clarity around key issues –  you will feel more in control of your life after the Breakthrough process.

Within two to three weeks people usually notice their productivity has increased and they have more energy for the things that are important in their life. And the the work is ‘generative’ which simply means you can expect have positive effects across all areas of your life.

Want the long story? Here’s how it works

First, you’ll clear any obstacles blocking your success like …

  • Competing priorities that cause you to ‘spin your wheels.’
  • Stress from the every day pressure to do more with less time and fewer resources.
  • Lack of focus
  • Beliefs that limit your motivation – often based on imperfect memories and judgments.

Then you’ll harness the power of your mind by …

  • Gaining a fresh perspective that transforms stress into positive energy.
  • Managing your own motivation and focus on important tasks
  • Discovering how you can transfer your personal best strategies to all areas of your life.

Finally …

  • You’ll align what you do – how you spend your time, your energy – with who you are and what you find fulfilling.

And the benefits?

Expect to …

  • Accomplish more and do it in less time.
  • Stay mentally sharp. Energized. Less stressed by day-to-day events.
  • Increase sales and productivity, initially and over the long term.
  • Enhance your business and personal relationships.
  • Enjoy more balance, more satisfaction and fun, on-the-job and off.

And the best part?

It requires minimal time commitment! Innergize Breakthrough Coaching takes five to seven hours and is usually completed in two sessions.  It is a one-to-one process, scheduled around your time.

It is not magic

The Innergize Breakthrough Coaching process delivers results because you learn how to work with your own mind at a level where habits and behaviours are formed, activating what neuroscience calls super systems.

Activating your own super systems creates longer lasting motivation and clarity for your important goals in life. It’s a powerful process for moving yourself forward at a faster pace!

The Psychological Edge

High performance athletes have been working with ‛mental’ coaches for years. To sharpen their focus, overcome past events and choke points, to develop their mental toughness.  Now business people want the same mental edge. Why not you?

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