At Foran our mission is to help our clients build rewarding careers in the financial services industry, by offering the best training and education programs available anywhere. We offer licensing support seminars and materials, study notes and quiz books for CFP® candidates, as well as communications workshops and a range of NLP programs.

Our licensing support seminars are designed to help students pass various qualification exams, from entry level to senior officer level, in order to satisfy registration and licensing requirements in the financial services industry. Foran Financial is an independent supplier of educational services. Our exam preparation courses are not sponsored by any Institute or other industry organization.

Foran offers more than 30 licensing support seminars and workshops which are structured to guide students through their courses in a concise, easy-to-understand manner. These support programs are designed to complement the students’ own rigorous self-study program, and to significantly reduce their overall study time. Each Foran support program is designed to simplify the required curriculum, to help students develop a well-rounded understanding of the course materials and underlying concepts, and to teach them effective exam writing strategies. Many of our licensing support seminars qualify for Continuing Education and Pace credits.

In addition to licensing support programs for exam preparation, our personal and professional development programs include accelerated learning skills, performance breakthrough coaching and training in neuro-linguistics.

Foran Financial has put together an excellent faculty to help you advance on your career path. The knowledge and practical experience of these professionals, as well as their commitment to customer service and satisfaction, have earned Foran Financial a reputation for quality known worldwide.

Foran Financial Institute is an independent supplier of educational services. Its exam preparation courses are not sponsored by any institute, association or other industry organization.

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