Foran CFP® Certification Programs

Foran 5-day Exam Workshop for CFP Examination

Foran Class Code: FCFP2

This 5-day workshop will assist CFP candidates preparing for exams.

The workshop will appeal to individuals who would like assistance in preparing for the CFP Examination.

We are offering an in-class 5-Day Seminar in Toronto for the June exam.

See below for dates and registration.

We are unable to confirm seminars for Vancouver at this time.

This 5-day program  focuses on the topics outlined on FP Canada’s CFP® Competency Profile and stresses the application of this knowledge. Key topics of the course curriculum will be thoroughly reviewed.

CFP®, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® and the CFP Flame logo® are certification trademarks  owned outside the U.S. by Financial Planning Standards Board Ltd. (FPSB). FP Canada is the marks licensing authority for the CFP Marks in Canada, through agreement with FPSB.

2024 Seminars

January 22-26, 2024
May 13-17, 2024
September 9-13, 2024

Includes classroom instruction, comprehensive notes and in-class handouts:

Foran CFP® Examination Presentation Seminar Notes and Case Studies (2023-v1) covering key content from the six areas of financial planning.  There are also several case studies based on specific areas of financial planning, two comprehensive financial planning case studies, plus exam preparation and exam writing strategies.

Seminar Hours

Toronto 8:30 a.m. – 7:30 p.m., later on the first three days.
Total Hours of Instruction: 40 hours
Tuition: $1,500 + Tax

NOTE: As CFP Examination Preparation seminars fill quickly and have waiting lists, there is a $300 non-refundable deposit to reserve your space. This will be taken when we process your registration.

Please ensure that you have been accepted by FP Canada for the exam before booking this seminar.

While Foran Financial Institute provides seminars to assist those writing the CFP exam, FP Canada controls who may challenge the examination. 

Reschedules will NOT be accepted so be sure of your acceptance by FP Canada, as well as your intention and availability before registering.

While we welcome your questions about the seminar, please direct questions about who may write the exam to FP Canada.

  • Registrations will only be taken through the website using the Register Online button below and will be processed in the order received.
  • Registrations placed through the website include the order numberdate and time of the request.
  • We welcome your questions before or after you register. You can reach us at 800-565-0374, 416-947-1922 or for a faster response, please email your request with a call back number.
  • Office hours are limited during this time. However voicemail and email messages will be picked up several times a day and we will  respond as quickly as possible.

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FAQs on registering through the website.

Toronto Seminars  – registrations opened. Please be sure FP Canada has accepted you to write the exam before registering for this seminar.

Register Online

Vancouver Seminar – not available

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 Total CE Credits Earned: 40
Note on Foran Continuing Education (CE) Credits: Foran Financial Institute issues CE Credits for all of its licensing seminars. However, it is at the discretion of your compliance department whether Foran CE Credits fill CE Credit requirements.

For those unable to travel to Toronto for this in-class seminar we do offer a Foran CFP® Examination Preparation Self Study Program (2022-v2)

See more on the Self Study Program here.
If you purchase the Self Study Program (2023-v1) shipping in early March, and then choose to enroll in the June seminar, your seminar tuition will be reduced to $1,200 at the time of processing. You will also be responsible for bringing your notes binder to the seminar. This discount is limited to the 2023-v1 Self Study Program.

Foran Financial Institute is an independent supplier of educational services. Its exam preparation courses are not sponsored by any industry organizations.

  • The seminar was very well structured, totally worth the 5 days spent here. Ron is a rock star – incredibly knowledgeable and very well informed on changes surrounding the exam. His expertise clarified complex concepts. So happy I did this. January 2024

    Ankita Wadehra CIBC
  • Ron it has been an excellent week. It may be long days but designed to cover all the material. Very thorough with examples. Your jokes and personality added more fun with the class. January 2024

    Tammy TD Wealth
  • I enjoyed the way Ron explicitly explained the concept behind the theories of the content of the program. Specifically, the way he would use real life examples, and the use of the white board to make it more visual. May 2023

    Phil Blouin Educators Financial Group
  • Great use of memory techniques. The manner in which the content was delivered helped to make it memorable. The breadth and depth of knowledge was impressive and invaluable. I feel significantly more confident after taking the course, in writing the CFP. Thank you Ron, Doug and Gary. September 2023

    Ilja Pauwels Credential Asset Management
  • Quality instructors. Teachers are not only extremely knowledgeable, but they also know how to teach and keep dry material interesting. May 2022

    Alysha McLeod TD Wealth
  • Ron's teaching approach is wonderful. Not only is he very knowledgeable, he is intentional with the way (words) he explains topics. He's sensitive to the audience and keeps a good pace. Super funny too! 100% recommended. May 2022

    Andres Carreno Scotiabank
  • Focus on the required study materials for the exam. Extra time given to teach the material. Fast pace was great as there was a lot of material to cover. Very straight forward teaching concepts. Thank you! May 2022

    Connie Bento-McVicars TD Wealth
  • Detailed and easy to understand. Materials are nicely organized which makes studying much simpler. May 2022

    Faariza Sultana TD Wealth
  • Lots of good examples. Very visual. Binders are great. Focus on what is really important. May 2022

    Sanjay Bhasin TD Wealth
  • Instructors were well organized, very knowledgeable and are excellent at explaining the content. May 2022  

    T.J. (Thomas) Marinelli TD Wealth Private Investment Advice
  • The instructors are amazing, wealth of knowledge and clearly experts in their field. They did a great job of condensing and incredible amount of material and staying focused on the purpose of the course - the exam. The study material is excellent as everything is summarized in one place. November 2019

    Tracy Vallis
  • The workshop took my knowledge to the next level. With the extensive case studies, knowledgeable instructors and detailed notes it increased my confidence for the exam. I was referred by many of my colleagues to take this, and it is going to save me study hours. November 2019

    Shaun Sahadeo TD Wealth
  • Content was extremely relevant. The ability to learn via instructor while applying the leanings practically with examples, case studies quizzes. Instructors ensuring questions asked are relevant to the topic/exam and Gail did an excellent job of setting the expectations from the beginning. November 2019

    Joel Houle TD Wealth
  • Liked best: The coverage of the material! It was an awesome course. Toronto, November 2019

    Lisa Hyman AMM/Fundex
  • Liked best? Complete review of a massive amount of material. Interacting with subject matter experts is really valuable. Toronto, November 2019

    Philip Herner Assante
  • Instructors are extremely qualified and excellent. These are long days and the instructors make it seem the opposite. They prepare you for the exam and give you insights as to what to expect. November 2019

    Shane McDonald Success N Planning
  • A deep dive, 50+ hours of focused and clear review of the material. Helped to focus my studying and highlighted areas I need to focus on. Instructors were all experienced and charismatic which helped keep the long days interesting and fun. November 2019

    Jonathan Humphrey Raymond James
  • Very in depth. Helped a lot with tax and estate knowledge. Helped clarify my knowledge in areas that I thought I know very well, like ABP, CPP/OAS, life insurance. Toronto May 2019

    Mark Walhout Walhout Financial
  • I feel more prepared for the technical knowledge of the exam. Instructors related the material to real life scenarios making it easier to understand and apply. Toronto May 2019

    Valin Bijman RBC
  • Having concepts explained really helped with reinforcing the knowledge. Especially the math equations, tax and insurance. Toronto May 2019

    Michelle Gavin TD Wealth Financial Planning
  • Sam was very interesting and informative. He was detailed and answered all of the questions clearly. I also appreciate the acronyms and learning devices Ron gave us to help with memorization. I really loved the number of case studies and questions provided for us to review before the exam. Toronto May 2019

    Sarah Mulford National Bank Financial
  • Very detailed. Knowledgeable in all the areas. Loved doing sample case studies. Having different people teach was very interesting and mixed things up. Happy to have done it and gotten all the practice questions. Days were very long; of course they needed to be. Toronto May 2019

    Chris F. Blanco TD Wealth
  • So much amazing and helpful information, I feel so prepared. Exam tips and tricks, memory aids, study binder, high quality of instructors. Toronto May 2019

    Lindsey Smith Coastal Community Private Wealth Group
  • I think that this was a course I should have taken 4 years ago, but I wasn't aware of it. Steve adds the right presentation techniques and humor. Classrooms always add value; the ability to ask questions and and fact that Steve was accessible to answer in person. Thank you. Vancouver May 2019

    Timothy Way Servus Wealth
  • Having different instructors helped to keep the content energizing. It is clear that each instructor is an expert in their respective field. Very valuable knowledge! Also the binder is great. Toronto May 2019

    Arwen Martyn Costal Community Credit Union
  • I loved the boot camp option to spend 1 full week of review, exam tips and practice questions. I feel very well prepared for the upcoming exam. All instructors were excellent. The variety of presenters and presentation styles was nice. I would highly recommend this prep course to anyone scheduled to write their CFP exam. Toronto May 2019

    Roberta Courtemanche Sun Life Financial
  • I'd like to thank everyone at Foran for the amazing course in November. I'm happy to say, it helped me pass the CFP exam! I had written the exam a few times before and Foran was just what I needed to push me over the top. Toronto, November 2018

    Andrew Trimmel
  • I came into this workshop to fill in gaps I needed a better understanding of. What I got was so much more! The instructors are amazing ... with the amount of study material, study tips and case study reviews, I highly recommend this workshop. November 2018

    Tara Forget RBC
  • Liked best about the workshop: Structured across all academic topics; well covered by all instructors; Very useful in preparation for exams; excellent preparation workshop - thank you! November 2018

    Shayam Mehta CIBC
  • Excellent workshop. Very helpful. I found the material to be helpful and very organized. Great teachers. I believe this will definitely impact the outcome of my exam. Toronto, November 2018

    Lisa Beutel Sun Life
  • The instructors are all fantastic! Gail is unbelievable in particular however they are all great. It's a good pace and lines up well with my learning style. I used it for FPSC1 and credit my success mainly to the class. Toronto, November 2018

    Mitchell Shields Ian Murry Insurance and Financial Services
  • The cases and material provided were and are very helpful in preparing for the exam. Toronto, May 2018

    Joe Arruda Ontario Pension Board
  • Practice questions and case studies, practical analysis and application of concepts, formulas and calculations. Toronto, May 2018

    Alfredo Di Somma ProBenefits Consulting Inc
  • Content covered and detailed examples were excellent and the sample exam questions and case studies were the best.  Ron Foran is an incredible source of knowledge and his delivery is very easy to understand. Toronto, May 2018

    Alastair McKenzie Investors Group
  • Reference material and flow if workshop was excellent. All instructors were excellent and as a student it was an honour to have such experienced professionals share their knowledge. Toronto, June 2018

    Carolyn Moore BMO Wealth Planning
  • Concise, full binder that will be my bible of study for the next month. I want to tell everybody I know how valuable this course has been for me. All four teachers are outstanding and walking encyclopaedias of a wealth of knowledge. Thank you. Toronto May 2018

    Lauren Teevan RBC
  • Each instructor was extremely knowledgeable and very thorough. I feel extremely prepared after the 5-days. Toronto, May 2018

    River Hatt Scotia Wealth
  • Gail’s pace and style were fantastic! Content was excellent for all presenters. November 2017

    Laura Southall Assante
  • The days flew by. Very interesting, and I was never bored. Steve added humor and was so knowledgeable. Vancouver, November 2017

    Tara Ennevor Rogers Group Financial
  • All the instructors were so knowledgeable. I have taken 3 courses with Foran now (WME, FPSC1, and CFP and been successful for all exams so far. The courses really reduced the stress because you felt well prepared for the upcoming exams. Also instructors really care about our success. Toronto, November 2017

    Angela Lytle TD Financial Planning
  • Very knowledgeable instructors, well taught, long but worth it! Toronto, November 2017

    Charles Min Investors Group
  • I found the part on taxation easy to understand and extremely helpful. Gail has the ability to make a hard subject easy to listen to and understand. Her presentation skills allow the group to remain on task. Toronto, November 2017

    Dana Hicks TD Wealth Financial Planning
  • Brought clarity to my study process. Made concepts easy to understand. Combined both technical and practical to gain a better understanding of the overall material. Vancouver, November 2017

    Tim Rowan Investors Group
  • This workshop is fantastic. While the week was overwhelming with the amount of content covered, I am confident that I am set up well for the exam based on this workshop. Toronto, November 2017

    Cindy Caravan RBC
  • Steve was engaging, patient and clearly enjoyed teaching. All together made the content more positive to learn in a fun way. Clear explanations and amusing examples from POP Culture and real life experience. Steve made complex concepts easier to fully understand. Vancouver, November 2017

    Jen Underwood Vancity
  • Quality of instruction was absolutely superb! Toronto, November 2017

    Elliot O’Neill Mackenzie Investments
  • Gail is amazing. I learned so much from her sessions and that alone was worth the money. Gerry was also very good – made things easy to understand. Doug is such a character and he really knows his stuff. Ron really cares about making sure everyone gets it. Toronto, November 2017

    Karissa Binns SunLife Financial
  • The instructors’ passion for the material was amazing. Toronto, November 2017

    Jennifer Taylor RBC
  • I appreciated the different instructors who specialized in certain areas. Toronto, November 2017

    Andrew Tachauer Investors Group
  • Content was really well delivered and easy to understand. Toronto, November 2017

    Kari Wolfenson TD Wealth
  • I passed my CFP; first attempt. I had a wonderful experience with Foran. All the instructors were brilliant. Toronto, May 2017

    Minoo Shahriari CI Investments
  • Real life examples and interesting stories to apply the concepts. Clear illustrations of the concepts. Steve is always engaging and entertaining, knows the content inside out and is never stumped by confusing questions. Vancouver, May 2017

    Sam Rosmus TD Wealth
  • Very well laid out and focused on giving us an understanding of topics. Very knowledgeable instructors. Toronto May 2017

    Kyle Monkman Investors Group
  • Concise and well laid out materials. Improved my confidence and gave me somewhere to start studying. Vancouver, May 2017

    Meaghan Douglas Raymond James
  • Amazing content. I like how topics were highlighted that would be highly likely to be tested. I can focus my studying more. Toronto May 2017

    Andrew McCallum TD Wealth
  • Great teacher, thanks for making it so interesting and funny. Vancouver, May 2017

    Sahra Khoshnavazi Investors Group
  • All of the content presented was beneficial and allowed me to understand concepts in a way that was clear to follow. I had struggled with a few section in my studies and this workshop gave me the knowledge I was looking for. Toronto May 2017

    Scott Fell TD Wealth Financial Planning
  • I just want to share the happy news that I passed my CFP exam and I am so thankful I took your prep course because I believe it helped me in my success. Thanks so much! Toronto, November 2016

    Susan Lock CFP Investors Group
  • I appreciated the willingness of all the educators to answer all questions and still stay on time with the material. Toronto November 2016

    Ramsey Hanlon Freedom 55 Financial
  • Steve is a great presenter, making everyone comfortable and also making the material easy to understand. The examples that he provides re his own practice provide great insight into Financial planning. Vancouver, November 2016

    Colleen Schneider Scotia McLeod Saskatoon
  • Covered a lot of areas. Ron set the table nicely (overview of planning and technical knowledge areas) also covered complex topics on finances. Gail did a super job and Bob was excellent with his great examples of good and bad (constructed) exam answers. CFP Toronto November 2016

    Steve Ausman Investors Group
  • Excellent! Turned the ‘text book knowledge’ to real world application. Also liked Steve’s ability to inject humor into some very dry theory. Very believable, very funny and engaging. CFP Vancouver, November 2016

    Leasa Lindquist RBC
  • Lots of practice material and case studies for further review. Knowledgeable educators. CFP Toronto November 2016

    Matt Roach Benefit Partners
  • Hands down - Best Instructor Ever! 2nd time I’m taking his class and it was still interesting (attended FPSC-1 in May.) Steve has a very unique ability to bring everything to life. His topics were specific but had layers of content to help bring everything we have learned together. CFP Vancouver, November 2016

    Daniala Guidoos CFP Investors Group
  • Thank you for the training! I am happy to tell you that I have passed the exam in June and now I am a CFP professional. Your training session is definitely a great support and help to my success in the exam. I will strongly refer it to my colleagues. Wish your business continue successful! June 2016

    Jenny Zhang Consultant, Investors Group Markham
  • I wanted to take the time to express my gratitude to you and the instructors who led the spring session of the CFP examination prep-course. The class structure was intense and jam-packed with information and practice problems. The materials provided were excellent. The instructors were eager to help with questions at break and after class and were genuine in their efforts. I passed the CFP examination in June 2015 and would like to say thank you!

    Shaun Heslegrave Investors Group
  • I am super happy that I have passed the CFP exam. I know I couldn’t do it without your help. I learned so much from your one week prep course. Your instruction was like a string that put all the beads of knowledge together. Thank you so much for helping me achieving me career goal. November 2014, Instructor Steve Buckles

    Susan Zhou Investment Account Manager, Vancity Credit Union
  • I was successful! The 5-Day Workshop provided by Foran was extremely comprehensive and helpful to me in preparing for this exam. Thanks for everything, November 2014

    Laurie Abbott Ontario Pension Board
  • Just wanted to say thanks to everyone at FORAN and especially Steve Buckles for helping me pass the CFP exam. Steve is a truly amazing instructor; I really enjoyed his teaching style. He made the material enjoyable and his level of knowledge is second to none. Instructor Steve Buckles, November 2014

    Rob Lulic Zadra Wealth Management Group
  • The best way to prepare for the CFP examination. I recommend this program to everyone! November 2014

    Konstantinos Foussias Investors Group
  • I passed the FPE2. I thought the course was great. The highlight was Steve Buckles. Loved his sense of humor and the techniques the he used to help you remember important information. If I was to do it all over again I would not hesitate to take the course with Steve. The material was fantastic and was well laid out and easy to reference as a study aid. I would highly recommend this course to others who are preparing to take the FPE2 exam. Very worth it! Instructor Steve Buckles, June 2014

    Grant Strachan Investors Group
  • I believe that your courses focus the student on the subject matter that is most relevant for the exams and allows the student to spend their study time wisely. The course material, case studies and instructors all prepare the student at a level that exceeds the level of the examinations making success more likely. Your programs help make the student a better trained and prepared professional. Thanks to everyone at Foran! June 2014

    Holly Reynolds CMA, CFP
  • I successfully wrote the exam in Kelowna and can now sport the “CFP” designation behind my name.I really appreciated the Foran 5 Day Workshops (FPE1 & FPE2). Without it, I would not have known where to start to prepare for the exams. Beyond exam success, the workshop gave me the knowledge to provide the best service for my clients. Thanks, Passed FPE2 in June 2013 Instructor Steve Buckles,

    Rob Hislop, CFP CPCA Investment Specialist, SASCU Wealth
  • As you can see by my signature line below I PASSED on my first try and have obtained CFP certification. I appreciated the in-depth in-class review – especially the taxation section. It was my weakest area and Gail actually made it fun. The sample questions were very helpful as was the general exam-writing advice from Foran and others.  Thanks for offering such complete exam preparation – it works! Instructors Gail Drory, Ron Foran, Doug Planche Passed FPE2 in June 2013

    Sherri Grosz
  • I wanted to let you know I received the official notice from FPSC that not only did I make the President’s List, but also that I came in FIRST PLACE!!! [December 2012]. I completely credit this success to having taken the Foran exam preparation class. Sincerely, Instructor Steve Buckles, Vancouver

    Jennifer Harris, CFP® Thomas O’Neill & Associates Inc.
  • Hi Ron, Doug, Gail, I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank each of you (and your entire behind the scenes team) at Foran Financial for helping me pass the FPE1 (June 2012) & FPE2 (Dec 2012) examinations en route to securing my CFP designation. The classroom sessions were concise, focused and detailed to address the key subject areas and themes that were tested. The various practice questions and case study reviews proved extremely valuable and crystallized key concepts in preparation for the exams. I truly believe that the CFP instructional programs offered by Foran Financial were a key tool in helping me achieve the CFP designation. Thanks again!!

    Tom Svoboda, B.A., CFP® Investors Group Financial Services Inc.
  • Hi Steve, Just wanted to drop a quick line to let you know that I passed my FPE2 exam that I wrote on Dec. 1st, 2012. Your course was phenomenal and would definitely recommend colleagues to attend in future. Thanks, 2012

    Karn Sihota Managing Partner Freedom Financial Solutions Inc.
  • Dear Ron, Gail, Doug & the entire Foran financial team, Thanks to your wonderfully taught and organized CFP Prep Seminars, I have passed the FPE1 & FPE2 exams! I could not have done it without your help. I will definitely recommend the seminar to my colleagues!! Thank you again! January 2013

    Koichi Miyamoto
  • Thank you Foran Financial! I sat the FPE2 weekend course and was successful in passing the June 2012 FPE2 exam. You really drilled down the concepts and took the time to explain any concepts further to the class. Your course materials were great help . I've used other course providers along my CFP path and found Foran very relevant to the exam. Thank you, June 2012

    Nicole Lavery, CFP BMO Harris Private Banking
  • Hi guys, just wanted to let you know that I passed the FPE 2 exam. I have to let you know that I came to Foran looking for confidence to pass an exam and left with the confidence to have a career. I don't consider your seminar a recommendation, I consider it an essential. Thank you, thank you, thank you for doing what you do and doing it so well. Passed FPE2 June 2012

    Roxanne Reid Scotiabank Investment Specialist Scotia Securities Inc.
  • I just wanted to share some extremely good news with you. I just found out that not only did I pass the FPE2, but I tied for first place in the country! I made the President's list! I wanted to thank you again for all your prep work with me, obviously the results were there! Passed FPE2 June 2011

    Chris George, CLU, CHS, CPCA, EPC Director, Advanced Planning Blue Shores Financial
  • Steve is an excellent instructor and the Foran prep course for FPE2 was very helpful. the Case Study day was extremely valuable. Passed FPE2 June 2011

    Scott Murray RBC Insurance
  • I found the five day course of study extremely helpful. I had so much respect for Gail on Friday - she ran a marathon for us covering the tax law so thoroughly but with clarity and humour. I have always had a great deal of respect for teachers who know the difference between being 'educators' vs presenting an entertaining lecture. Gail is an educator first and foremost. Saturday and Sunday were also very well done. Each presentation progressed with logical connections, building upon foundational material where appropriate. On a personal note, please know how much I appreciated the kindness everyone at Foran displayed. I could tell everyone wanted to do everything they possibly could to help me pass this exam. You can't 'fake' that type of concern or the genuine pleasure in your voice as we spoke. Thank you again - Foran for me will always represent time and money invested wisely. Passed FPE2 June 2011

    Elizabeth Vermeulen