Foran Portfolio Management Techniques Seminar

Foran Course Code: FPMT

This Foran portfolio management techniques seminar prepares those writing the Portfolio Management Techniques exams administered by the CSI.

This three-day Foran PMT seminar for  the Portfolio Management Techniques® exam includes notes and quizzes only available as in-class handouts.

PMT Content Covered:

Content includes: portfolio theory; ethics and portfolio management; the institutional management firm and institutional investors; front, middle and back offices; equity and fixed-income portfolios; derivatives and mutual funds; portfolio mandates; alternative investments; reporting and performance attribution.

Toronto Dates:

Classes are held at WaterPark Place, 20 Bay Street, Toronto

January 29-31, 2024
March 20-22, 2024
May 27-29, 2024
July 22-24, 2024
October 15-17, 2024

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Lectures: 8:30 a.m. – 6:30 p.m.

Total Hours of Instruction: 24
Tuition: 895+ HST Beginning 2021

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Continuing Education Credits: 24

Note on Foran Continuing Education (CE) Credits: Foran Financial Institute issues CE Credits for all of its licensing seminars. However, it is at the discretion of your compliance department whether Foran CE Credits fill CE Credit requirements.

Foran Financial Institute is an independent supplier of educational services. Its exam preparation courses are not sponsored by the Investment Funds Institute of Canada, the Institute of Canadian Bankers, or any other industry organization.

  • Ron has a knack for explaining harder concepts in a simple understandable manner. Very thorough on material in PMT course. Engages students with interesting techniques for recall etc., extremely knowledgeable. Thank you. PMT October 2023

    Vera Vlaovich RGF Integrated Wealth Management
  • (Ron) is very knowledgeable, really great job explaining and condensing a lot of material. PMT October 2023

    Brendon Saxton
  • Excellent delivery of the material. I feel well prepared for the exams. Ron ensures concepts are well understood. The best part? The focus on key concepts. July 2020

    Scott Thompson Edward Jones
  • Excellent yet again, essential for busy professionals and busy Moms! I'll be back! February 2020

    Anna Hilberry NBF
  • A must do for every class. I won't write an exam without attending. December 2019

    Michael Webb IPC Securities
  • Exceeded my expectations. I will look to take additional courses through Foran and recommend to colleagues. I like the efficiency and effectiveness. Ron found a way to make difficult concepts understandable. His use of real world examples were super helpful. December 2019  

    Kristy MacDonald TD Wealth
  • Ron is an amazing instructor who has great techniques to help learn the information. Concise, clear, summarized. October 2019

    Christina Chow Raymond James
  • Very well organized and easy to understand. Ron, your seminars are extremely helpful to learn (simplify) the material. October, 2018

    Quinn Sherdahl Scotia McLeod
  • Second seminar with Ron. By far the best instructor/professor I have ever had! Makes the materials so easy to understand and makes it hard to fail upcoming exams! Preparation is so far and beyond and makes students feel extremely prepared going into the exam. August 2018

    Stephen McConnell Bullwealth
  • Thanks Ron, I feel much more confident going into the PMT exam. Thank you for all years of Education Support. CSC, WME, CFP and PMT! June 2018

    Ed Van Der Kooi CFP IPC Securities Corp
  • Extremely useful in preparing for the exam. Ron explains concepts behind the material, simplifies them and allows us to focus on what is key. Ron is an exceptional teacher – incredible energy and knowledge. Thank you! November 2017

    Josée Pelletier
  • Well organized and delivered. Although the 3-day course was a big commitment, it greatly improved my understanding of the course material and significantly reduced my study prep time. September 2017

    Bill Richardson Harbourfront Wealth
  • Feel confident heading into the exam – seminar was well worth the money! May 2017

    Scott Marshall Edward Jones
  • Ron is very clear and informative on relevant information. Small class – felt very engaged. May 2017

    Graydon Oldfield ScotiaMcLeod
  • Thank you so much Ron! I'm very happy I registered for your course. You are an incredible teacher! March 2017

    Lee Leonard Scotia McLeod
  • Concise and enjoyable. Gained knowledge, examples and explanations. March 2017

    Myron Dietrich Manulife Securities
  • Very informative, helped clarify what the text book was saying. Leaving the seminar I feel prepared to write the exam and more knowledgeable in general. Review and memory tips, also focus on topics of interest for the exam. March 2017

    Kristin Parker Natixis Global Asset Management
  • Very helpful. The focus on questions that could be on the exam and the acronyms to help remember concepts. March 2017

    Gary MacDonald RBC Dominion Securities
  • Great course to help prep us for our exam. Thanks Ron. January 2017

    Keeley Simpson BMO NB
  • Great value for the time spent reviewing content of PMT. Excellent presenter, Ron you did a great job – no surprise. January 2017

    Afif Jawad HollisWealth
  • Great work Ron! Awesome seminar. Very helpful. January 2017

    Will Simpson BMO NB
  • Great summary of information. I feel very confident about my pending exam. January 2017

    Brian Walling HollisWealth Edmonton
  • Ron is always prepared and focuses on the important information to help you pass the exam. August 2016

    Ed Mah BMO Nesbitt Burns
  • Good pace and study guide. Well written. Instructor had very clear explanations. I read the book but did not feel like I was absorbing any of the material. The course summarized the main points in the course clearly and concisely. February 2015

    Kathleen McGowan
  • I passed the PMT exam in mid November so I've completed all the exams for CIM. The classes and especially the quiz books were a great help in enabling me to pass the exams over a short period. I completed all 3 exams in less than 3 months. Please send my appreciation to Ron for his clear explanations, excellent examples for various problems, his great sense of humour and incredible stamina. His techniques for remembering important concepts were very original and certainly of immense help. Thank you! November 2014

    Penny Petroff RBC
  • I wanted to say thank you as I just successfully completed my PMT and have now attained my CIM. I managed to complete both courses in just over 2 months. Your seminars and notes were very helpful to aid me in successfully completing the exams. Thanks again. March 2014

    Peter G. Karalis CFP, CIM, FCSI Investment Advisor, TD Wealth
  • Ron Foran is a pro’s pro in all aspects. He presented a huge amount of information in a precise, well paced manner. Not only did I pass the exams but I sharpened up my own investment style and knowledge. It’s a shame he does not have a sense of humor. P.S. He’s actually very funny but the last thing we need to do is encourage him! December 2013

    Bob Weir Manulife Securities
  • Exceptional - the only way to learn this stuff! Good pace - not tired at the end - focused on very key points. Very helpful. October 2013

    Michael Nott Dundee Securities Private Client Group
  • Material prepared well, focused on helping us pass the exam. I have never written an industry exam without taking a Foran course. Ron keeps everything moving. Prepares us well for the exam. April 2013

    E. Mah BMO Nesbitt Burns
  • I would not write an exam without taking a Foran Seminar first. Gave me the needed confidence going into the exam. October 2013

    James Pelmore Dundee Securities
  • Good amount of time dedicated to the relevant topics. (Instructor) very, very knowledgeable, always with good examples to make material relevant and therefore easy to remember. April, 2013

    Sarah Lawrence RBCDS
  • Amazing – very tailored toward the (course content.) Instructor was excellent – great sense of humor and helpful over the four days; simplified the overly complicated structure of the materials.

    Marcia Aberdeen C.I. Clarington
  • I passed both the IMT course and the PMT course thanks in large part to attending Foran's preparation seminars. (The instructor) focused on key concepts, terms and formulae and demonstrated a real mastery of the material. One of the most professional instructors that I have ever had. I would recommend his seminars to anyone.

    George Koidis, CIM, PFP BMO Nesbitt Burns
  • I PASSED (PMT exam) I'm so thrilled, you can't imagine. I wanted to thank you so much for the help you provided. This is the 3rd exam prep course I take with Foran (LLQP, CFP) and I want to tell you that I really don't think I would have succeeded without your help. I've learned so much in your classrooms. I've also felt that you and your team really care about your students success. I know that for your business to succeed, that makes sense, however, I think it's more than just a business decision. I've felt that you truly have a passion for teaching and seeing us succeed.

    Jo-Anne Stang, CFP TD Waterhouse Private Investment Advice Private Client Services