Study Smart Accelerated Learning Techniques

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Study Smart will give you the latest techniques in accelerated learning and brain smart study skills. Get better grades and put exam anxiety behind you.

When you study, are you easily distracted? Find it difficult staying focused?

Or do you dread opening the books and getting started?

Have you ever been disappointed with your results because they didn’t measure up with the time you put into studying?

Do you suffer from exam anxiety? Or is time the issue? You have too many other commitments, yet you’d like better grades?

If you said yes to any of these questions, Study Smart accelerated learning and study skills can help.

Whether you’re an adult learner, a high school, college or university student, Study Smart will help you use brain smart study skills. The workshop will give you tools and techniques from the most up-to-date research in Accelerated Learning and the science behind Brain-Based Learning.

You’ll learn the ‘best practices’ of brain based learning.

How to study:

  • Enter the learning state – the first step for successful learning strategies
  • Make it fun, distinctive and brain friendly (brains hate being bored!)
  • Tackle a new text book – sketching out the bare bones of the content in about 35 minutes (do this before the first class and you’ll listen more, write less and have better quality lecture notes)
  • Reduce the time you spend making notes and studying for exams
  • Speed up reading and comprehension (use a ‘quantum’ reading technique)
  • Improve memory and recall – use mental fixatives for sticky data

When writing exams:

  • Get better marks – use a proven process for exam writing success
  • Maintain a calm and relaxed state of awareness
  • Retrieve information, recover elusive data
  • Neutralize exam anxiety

Mental conditioning, mental toughness:

  • Why learning is not all in your head
  • Take advantage of full body learning
  • How to Stop exam anxiety before it happens
  • Clear learning blocks, out-grown beliefs beginning with “I’m too …” “I’m too busy …” “I can’t …” “I can’t learn math …” “I always …” “I always go blank”

We all tend to spend more time on tasks we find interesting, perhaps even enjoyable. We also learn best when our curiosity is aroused. The human brain simply doesn’t function well when it is bored. Take away the interest and the learning drops, even if your effort and study time increases!

We can’t take boring and uninteresting courses out of the curriculum, but we can add fun, curiosity and creativity to any subject. Put the drudgery and pressure of studying firmly in the past.

Use a process that lets you learn the way your brain learns best. And as studying becomes more interesting and enjoyable you’ll probably do more of it!
Private classes are available on request. Contact us.

Toronto Dates:

Private classes/tutoring arranged as needed.

Hours: 1:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Total Hours of Instruction: 6 hours

Investment: $250 + HST
Register for public classes through Foran Financial Institute
By phone: 416-947-1922 or 800-565-0374

Private classes are available: $500 + HST
Book Private classes through Innergize Training
By phone: 416-492-3200

Instructor: Wauneen McMonagle, Certified Trainer of NLP and Humanistic Neuro-Linguistic Psychology®, Language and Behaviour Coach/Trainer and Certified Master Hypnotherapist.

  • Amazing! Great energy, enjoyed breaks, positive learning environment.

    Julian Franch University Student
  • Trainer was very knowledgeable, taught lessons that are usable in everyday life.

    Connor Novak Customer Service
  • Excellent material, very helpful, well organized, (trainer) availability and willingness to help. Definitely take it if you are looking to improve your study skills. ” Attended when a University Student

    Alexander Hall
  • The trainer and the training were great and gave me some really awesome study tips. Do it (take the course) soon - before and exam. It'll give you good ideas that you can use right away. Attended when a University Student

    Maya Kanini
  • One of the best courses I have ever taken. The trainer was a huge help in figuring out my problem (strategy for) in learning. Take it! This (program) will open your eyes. Attended as a High School Student

    Jessy Franch
  • Really enjoyed the day. Learned a great deal. Would really recommend this program (for anyone) having a hard time studying and writing exams.

    Noreen Novak Insurance Broker
  • Just fantastic. I will be happy to refer this to people. A great way for your children to get it right from the start.

    Paul Franch V.P. Industrial Alliance
  • Excellent. I learned better techniques to help me be less stressed. Please attend (Study Smart) with your family. You will learn and understand how your children learn. You will communicate better with them (as well.) Entertaining training.

    Manish Kanani Financial Advisor
  • Really enjoyed the course. Wauneen is a great instructor. I have a great plan to take studying for CFP. For hands on learners (instructor) has great techniques - lots of stimulation, gets you excited to actually study!!

    Lindsay Fothergill Financial Planner
  • Learned a new way of approaching how to study. Feel confident about starting the CSC course. Make an investment in yourself before you start studying. It is well worth the time. You will feel more confident.

    Sheilane Charlton Financial Administrator
  • I felt this was a very informative course that will not only help me but my children as well! I will share my knowledge with others. Our teacher is a wealth of information . Very interesting.

    Yvonne Weatherall Financial Advisor
  • Very useful. The course met my expectations. I've got useful tips and information I can use myself and also to help my kids.

    Luis Flores CIM Investment Advisor
  • This is great, it equips me with various study tools that are vital in helping me learn the materials and recall information when needed .The trainer was very good and with lots of patience. I would highly recommend this to anyone planning to take an exam.

    R. F. Financial Advisor