Foran Canadian Securities Course Exam Preparation Seminar For CSC® course Volume One

Foran Class Code: CSC1Z

Foran’s three-day Zoom seminar for the Canadian Securities Course will help anyone preparing to write CSC course Exam One for Volume One of the Canadian Securities Course.

CSC Volume One Content Covered:

This is now an 18 hour Zoom class spread over three days. Our instructors will cover the key areas of the Canadian Securities Course Volume One and clarify student questions on the most challenging material including: the Canadian investment marketplace, role of capital markets; the Canadian securities industry and regulatory environment; Canadian economy, economic principles and policy; understanding investment products, fixed income securities features and types, pricing and trading, common and preferred share analysis, equities transactions and derivatives; types of accounts including cash, margin and short accounts, as well as types of orders; financing and listing securities and corporations and their financial statements.

Due to the volume of content, the better prepared you are by knowing where there are gaps in your knowledge, the more you will benefit from the session.

Foran Zoom Seminar For CSC® course Volume One

This is an 18 hour seminar delivered over three 6-hour Zoom sessions.

NOTE: Class materials are couriered out a few days before the first day of the seminar, so register early enough for delivery.

Meantime, study your CSI course materials.

Interactive: Covering the most challenging material with time for student questions

November 17-19, 2023
January 26-28, 2024
March 22-24, 2024
May 31-June 2, 2024

Hours: 12 PM EST – 6:00 PM EST

Foran Class Code: CSC1Z

Investment: $695 plus tax

Package includes lectures and handouts, plus Quiz Book with 400 questions, valued at $150.

Materials will be sent by courier before the first session. Please include a business address for delivery.

Note: All Zoom seminar registrations will be final, and NOT eligible for cancellation Or reschedule.

Total Hours of Instruction: 18 hours

Investment: $695 + HST

Register Online

Or call (416) 947-1922, for outside GTA call toll free at 1-800-565-0374

Continuing Education Credits: 18

Note on Foran Continuing Education (CE) Credits:
Foran Financial Institute issues CE Credits for all of its licensing seminars. However, with the exception of the Financial Planning Standards Council approved CFP credits noted above, it is at the discretion of your compliance department whether Foran CE Credits fill CE Credit requirements.

Foran Financial Institute is an independent supplier of educational services. Its exam preparation courses are not sponsored by the Investment Funds Institute of Canada, the Institute of Canadian Bankers, or any other industry organization.

  • I wanted to take the time to thank Gary for the Amazing CSC Seminars. I joined the class because I am a busy Mom of 2,  I wanted to get these two exams behind me as quickly as possible and I just didn't have the capacity in my life to teach myself this course. I had hoped from this course I would be taught enough and pass with minimal study aside from taking his class. I started the process in January 2022 and passed my last exam March 23rd.  I am so thankful to Gary!  He made it fun to learn, simplified it for me so that I didn't have to read the entire textbook and most importantly made it so easy to understand.  I never would have thought I could learn it all in 3 months. Thanks Gary! CSC1 & CSC2 2022

    Sarah Fletcher
  • Perfect pacing of the content, very easy to understand vs the textbook. Ron and Gary are both very nice. November 2020

    Daniel Walker
  • Absolutely excellent, one of the best courses and instructors (Ron and Gary) I have had. Very comfortable and much more confident in my ability to crush the exam. Very well rounded, in depth program. November 2020

    Ryan O'Brien Assante Wealth Management
  • Excellent presentation of course material that would be challenging during independent learning. September 2020

    Trudy Stacey TD
  • Excellent use of stories, real life examples, and repetition. Perfect distribution of time per chapter/ideas. Not overwhelming and great pace. August 2019

    Ziva Mandel Dimensional Fund Advisors
  • Very effective in preparing me for the exam. Focused on what the exam could be asking. October 2018

    Tim Butler IG Wealth Management
  • Excellent presentation of material. Gary had a wonderful way of presenting information in a relevant and interesting way. I liked the pace, materials and examples. October 2018

    Michelle Ligori Managed Wealth Solutions of Aligned Capital
  • Enthusiastic instructor made the course material relatable and understandable. Amazing scope of material covered in 3 days, that I never would have absorbed on my own. Many real world, relevant examples that made complex topics understandable. Highly recommended. October 2018

    Charlene Haynes IG private Wealth Management
  • Great seminar! Helped make things clear and easy to understand. I'm more confident taking the exam. Good tips gave me a better understanding of the content. Gary was easy to understand and interesting to listen to.

    Leanna Simoes RBC Dominion Securities
  • Gary had a very relaxed but very informative way to each the materials. Clear and easy to follow. came out with a much better understanding. Long three days but worth it. Recommend for anyone writing the CSC.

    Matt Jong
  • For somebody like me who has no background in the financial world this seminar really broke the material down and helped me understand the content. Credit to Gary as well for being able to teach it this way. March 2018

    David Mansur
  • Great way to understand information. Fantastic concepts and notes. Easy flowing. March 2018

    Julian Ricci
  • The instructor was very experienced and made the course material interesting. Explained the material in an easy-to-understand form, and saves me lots of time to get ready for the exam. March 2018

    Nancy Chan BMO Nesbitt Burns
  • Very well organized. Amazing Instructor, very thorough explanations. January 2018

    Emerson Kako
  • Very helpful and a great exam prep! January 2018

    Paige Vukson
  • Excellent Seminar! January 2018

    Baiba Reinfelde
  • Was very helpful! Helped me understand the information in the book, the concepts and math. January 2018

    Soria Kidd TD Wealth
  • Gary was very helpful in giving us techniques to help us in understanding certain topics. Whether it was easy charts or sayings, definitely are engraved in my head. October 2017

    Tia Lambrinos Manulife Securities
  • If you are serious about not just passing the exam but genuinely understanding the material of this course, then you will not be disappointed!! This seminar brings the textbook learning to another level. I would highly recommend taking it to everyone. The tools make remembering and calculations so much simpler. CSC1 June 2017

    Natalie Dugale
  • Extremely helpful. Cleaned up many questions, made it easier to remember key points. CSC1 June 2017

    Jen Pragnell TD
  • All the information puts the CSC1 puzzle together. Thank you. CSC1 April 2017

    Ashley McGraa CIBC Wood Gundy
  • Great content. Enjoyable learning process. Breaks things down into simple understandable concepts. CSC 1 April 2017

    Steve Meehan EWA Capital Partners
  • Loved it! I feel so much more confident after taking the course. Ron is excellent at explaining the course. CSC 1 April 2017

    Jennifer Sutton TD Wealth
  • The seminar covered a lot of the required subject matter and emphasised those areas most likely to be featured on the exam. It is very intense and jam packed for the volume of information covered in only 3 days. Ron was an excellent instructor and made the material really accessible and easy to understand. CSC1 December 2016

    Victoria Lysnes Canaccord Genuity
  • All I can say is thank you! When I pass this course it will be because I came here to understand this material. You translated this course into a language I could understand. December 2016

    Ginette Trudel IPC Investment Corporation
  • Mr. Foran is a great instructor. Very knowledgeable and I like how he adds jokes to make some sessions interesting. Very patient and focused. December 2016

    Arlene Phillips Investment Planning Counsel
  • Both instructors were great. I would recommend this course to anyone looking forward to the Volume 2. The content was simplified and easy to grasp. The instructors were very knowledgeable. CSC1 March 2015

    Michael Sagoe Cerco Canada
  • Thank you so much to Gary and Ron. I learned more here than in a full semester at my university. Fantastic! Very clear and articulate. They’re amazing teachers who take the time to explain well and clearly. CSC1 January 2015

    Claudia Bellai-Brisebois RBC DS Ottawa
  • I wrote the CSC (exams) after taking the (Foran preparation seminars) and received an overall average of 81.5%. The Foran course was extremely helpful. Going back into study mode for a course when you have been out of that mode for some time is difficult and the Foran course provides the structure to help learn the material … I am quite satisfied with the Foran course and the results I obtained.

    Doug Lawson PA, CMA, Matheis Financial Group
  • I wanted to let you know that I have successfully passed the CSC1 & 2 exams. Your program was the key and I cannot more highly recommend these two seminars as an excellent way to prepare to write. Your seminars were the difference between costly multiple re-writes and passing the first time. I am already planning for WME next year and have already made the decision to sign up for your prep seminar before I write.

    Stephen D. Palmer Investment & Insurance Advisor, Holliswealth, October 2013
  • Thank you again for all your help and support. Absolutely a huge help. Breaks down complicated terms and subject matter into simple terminology. Very knowledgeable instructor, who really emphasized the parts of the material that may seem difficult and took the time necessary to help us fully understand. This course gets to the meat of the program and the techniques help you remember what was learned.

    Joshua Bowden Associate, TD, July 2013
  • The text book material is summarized into the best course handout material I’ve ever received. The many acronyms given made remembering steps in a process or multiple items extremely easy. Ron is a natural presenter and extremely knowledgeable. You’ll enjoy the humor and see that he really enjoys teaching. I passed both CSC1 and CSC2 on first attempt with no prior formal training or experience in the field.

    Dan Mano June 2013 (retired early)
  • I wrote the CSC Vol 2 April 30th and received a 79%, I wrote Vol 1 two weeks earlier after taking you part 1 and received 84% for an overall average of 81.5%. I found the Part 2 exam more difficult than the part 1 exam with many more questions that seemed to “spilt hairs” in determining the most right answer. The Foran course was extremely helpful. Going back into study mode for a course when you have been out of that mode for some time is difficult and the Foran course provides the structure to help learn the material. As Ron states I still needed to read all of the CSC material and in fact there seemed to be many more planning type questions on the exam than I anticipated. I focused a little too much on the various formulas covered in the 3 day course. I am quite satisfied with the Foran course and the results I obtained. Thanks,

    Doug Lawson IPC
  • I wrote my exam on Friday as planned, and passed! Thank you so much for all your help and I know I wouldn't have been successful without your seminar! Your 3 day seminar taught me more in the 3 days than studying those books for 4 months!

    Aaron Jardine MD Management Limited
  • I am so thankful that I came across Foran Financial in such perfect timing. Please pass on my sincere thank you to Ron. Every minute of the classroom instruction and of course the workbook was very helpful and most beneficial for both CSC exams. The examples used in the classroom, (I still recall the green sheet example – it was on my first exam) – tremendously helped me to understand and brought clarity and confidence at exam time.

    Rita Popovics ATB Investor Services
  • I took the CSC 2 seminar back in September. I wrote the exam in early October and passed with a mark of 80%. I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to Ron for all of his help. I have no previous background studies in the industry, and I truly feel that the seminars lead me to achieve an 83% in the CSC. Thanks so much and I am sure I will be taking more seminars with you guys in my future endeavors.

    Kristina Simone