Innergize offers practical workshops designed to increase productivity and profitability through better communications. Communication skills play a critical role in the success people can achieve by working together. Whether you lead, manage, coach or sell products and services, the ability to influence and motivate may be the single most important predictor for personal and professional effectiveness.

Innergize provides in depth training in unconscious communication skills, decoding non-verbal cues and using sensory elements to create compelling messages. Skills that can amplify the connection between people, build stronger relationships and break down natural resistance when you need to advocate change.

Through Breakthough Sessions and on-the-job coaching, Innergize supports time pressured managers by giving their staff the individual follow up needed to ensure effective communications skills are transferred to everyday activities. Programs include WordPower for Business, Coaching Skills for Managers, Values Based Selling. Field Sales Coaching and Team Building activities are also available.

Innergize also offers consulting and coaching to support leadership development, enhance emotional intelligence and prepare for major change initiatives. Systems Thinking tools are especially valuable for uncovering the root cause of persistent or recurring problems so that stake holders are able to clearly define their options and discover leverage points for resolution. Motivation and behaviour audits can increase employee retention and overall productivity by creating a better match between employees, the task and the working environment. They may also be used to refine marketing messages and increase customer satisfaction levels.

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