NLP Programs at Foran: Nonverbal Communications for Business

Foran Class Code: NVB

Unconscious and nonverbal communications are critical elements for decoding emotions, motivation and intentions – sensing what others really want, so you can help them make better decisions.

The techniques presented will help you see beneath the surface of what people are saying and give you insight into the deeper values motivating behaviour.  While this workshop doesn’t promise to solve all your sales and communications challenges, it will introduce three skills worth learning:

  • How to dig deeper for the real reasons people will buy your ideas, products
  • How to use specific process words and other non-verbal behaviour to communicate unconscious value
  • How to read the critical non-verbal cures that reveal more than others can or will tell you.

Experienced sales and management teams will find this advanced communications skills workshop deepens their ability to connect with others by creating presentations individual clients will find compelling and motivating.

This two day program provides techniques and insights from research in consumer behaviour and neuroscience.

Here are just three of the insights:

  1. When asked about product choices, if people don’t know consciously, they will make up salient, plausible and socially acceptable reasons for what they do.(1) In other words, customers will tell you what they think they should want, based on social influences – a tendency that has led to some costly miss-takes in consumer research.
  2. While features and benefits supply the rational reasons to justify a decision once it is made, the unconscious sensory elements of an experience have a far greater influence (positive or negative) on emotions, buying decisions and customer loyalty.(1)
  3. Non-verbal cues and linguistic markers provide the most accurate information about what people want and intend to do, because they are largely unconscious. (2)

(1) J. Le Doux, Center for Neural Science, NYU, Your Emotional Brain 1989
(2) J. Kagan, Harvard Mind:Brain:Behavior Initiative, 2002

Experienced sales people will find this advanced communications skills workshop offers a blueprint for  discovering the deeper values motivating a client’s behaviour, then relating product benefits in language they will find clear and compelling.

Toronto Dates:

Hours: 8:30 am to 5 pm

Total Hours of Instruction: 14 hours over two days

Investment: $595 + GST