Strategic Relationships


Advocis/Foran Life License Qualification Program (LLQP):
Foran Financial Institute has entered into a strategic relationship with Advocis to offer seminars based on the Harmonized Life License Qualification Program. Foran has also developed a comprehensive workbook which compliments the Advocis study guide, to prepare candidates to challenge the provincial LLQP insurance exam.

About Advocis:
Advocis is Canada’s largest association of financial and insurance advisors. Advocis was formed from a merger in 2002 of CAIFA (the Canadian Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors) and CAFP (the Canadian Association of Financial Planners).

Advocis provides professional development programs and services that extend from pre-licensing courses in life insurance and mutual fund sales to studies that lead to Canada’s two premier designations for advisors, the Certified Financial Planner (CFPTM) for planners and the Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU) for insurance professionals. Advocis also provides national, regional, and local continuing education conferences and seminars, together with a significant publishing program, to sustain the continuing education that is mandatory for all Advocis members. Advocis also maintains a Code of Professional Conduct and a supervised disciplinary process that all members adhere to.

Advocis fills the need for new support to a growing market of professional financial advisors in an emerging industry. This includes career advice to members. Membership in Advocis can help the individual to effectively manage their self-directed career, within the company of peers. Advocis assists members to build and maintain best business practices, manage personal goals, accommodate change and embrace the challenges of risk management.

It is a priority at Advocis to focus on student and new advisor memberships. A typical new entrant has strong qualifications and in many cases is highly skilled in many areas, having other industry experience to bring to their new career and their new clients. These high qualifications are important and necessary for individual success. Advocis is aware that as clients’ needs evolve and change rapidly with world events, financial advisors who serve them must take high levels of responsibility for professional development.

The successful financial advisor must be a lifelong student. Advocis takes this requirement seriously. Advocis members must maintain a high level of professional upgrading activity and in turn, strive to provide exemplary, ongoing guidance throughout their Advisor Life Cycle.

Advocis provides members with:

  • Access to excellent educational programs and a strong, vocal and dynamic peer network which includes numerous opportunities for mentorship, transition in and out of the industry and personal leadership.
  • The opportunity to participate in the activities of a local chapter through committees, boards, volunteer activities and professional development opportunities. There are 50 chapters across Canada.
  • The opportunity to meet national peers through conferences and other activities

For more information about Advocis and or membership inquiries you can contact Membership Development at 1-800-563-5822 ext 210, or visit the Advocis website at: