Associate Instructors

Sam Albanese CFP, CLU, CHfC, FLMI, TEP

Sam has been in the life insurance industry for 35+ years. After a number of corporate positions he opened his own MGA in 1990 -Albanese Financial Group Inc- and subsequently sold it in early 2000’s to pursue his lifelong desire to be a teacher/trainer/educator in the financial services industry. With this in mind he approached Seneca College in 2005 and founded the Financial Services Practitioner program. This program was designed to attract and train new life and wealth management advisors into our industry.

Sam also co-authored a book called RIGHT Answers. The booked is designed to answer questions regarding life insurance, living benefits, retirement planning, etc. in layman’s language. He is also an expert witness on life insurance issues and works with various law firms in the GTA.

In short Sam is an Educator, Teacher, Expert Witness, former MGA and co-author.